5 Best Duck Rice Surabaya 2015

Source : www.makankeliling24.com (For Bahasa)

When visiting Surabaya in 2015, you definitely look for the famous local culinary. Besides clover Surabaya, duck in Surabaya also famous for the delicacy of taste and the meat too tender. Surabaya in the 1990s, is the famous fried chicken. Sriwijaya recorded as fried chicken and fried chicken Youth is the most popular food in those days.

Along with the development, duck dishes began to develop in Surabaya. Several sources have noted these foods are introduced by descendants of citizens who are in Surabaya Madura. Similarly RICE BUK, which only exist in poor, also introduced by the citizens of Madura descent who live there.

The first duck stall near Indrapura road, near the museum House of Sampoerna. Cook time was still using firewood. In the 70s it was also recorded, village duck rice seller zinc (front office telecoms) with a touch of flavor ala Madura.

Almond-CrispyWell so a bit biased to say the duck rice is typical of Surabaya, because such a thing of her almond cookies, by the typical Surabaya, although just introduced, but has become a trade mark for the city of Surabaya.


               Back to menu duck, the author tries to summarize 5 duck rice that is most convenient for newcomers culinary tongue in Surabaya. Sequence based assessment of flavor, popular, innovation, comfort. Note : Duck = Bebek (in Bahasa)


  1. Bebek Kayu Tangan

bebek kayutangan

Bebek iThis duck is given the title 1 for flavor. Due to the location where to eat somewhat difficult to access, which causes the duck is overshadowed by the other ducks. But a matter of taste, this simply the best. In addition to local residents, tongue bule friends can accept the taste of duck.The place is on jalan Bratang Gede 68 Surabaya


  1. Bebek Sinjay

bebek sinjay madura

This duck is very famous because of the prestige of-mouth marketing. The location is quite far in Madura not preclude the foodies to chase past the toll bridge Suramadu. Sambal pencitnya felt good enough for most people. Moreover, its food queues that can reach 1 hour to make people more marketing. Fortunately this time the duck Sinjay already opened a branch in Surabaya

Branch on  Surabaya

* Kaza City Lantai 3 Blok B No. 5 Jalan Kapas Krampung No. 45, Surabaya

telp 082140878880

* jalan Ahmad Yani

Ruko Grand Ahmad Yani Blok K No 151

telp 085334093333


  1. Bebek Purnama

bebek purnama surabaya

.Yes … …..

Purnama duck ranks 3. Because, basically, this is a duck stall has the most branches surabaya. Even the ubiquitous branches until indistinguishable which one is genuine and what is not. But the hallmark of the duck rice spicy sauce was quite tasty backed steady

Address? For this time let you own the full duck hunting most delicious and most original.

  1. Bebek Palupi

bebek palupi rungkut

This duck has a unique taste and is quite dry cooking. Duck produced was not too greasy, making it suitable for tongue newcomers in the city of Surabaya. Duck palupi always full of visitors.

Addres : Jalan Rungkut Asri Tengah no. 10, Surabaya


  1. Bebek wachid asyim

bebek wachid hasyim

This duck is quite famous with yellowish green seasoning sauce that was delicious. The place is open till late night. Because it was so crowded, its owner to open a feeding site in 3 adjoining buildings

Adress: jalan Jemursari 17 Surabaya




                  Well that’s five places to eat rice duck in Surabaya were quite tasty and popular. In addition to 5 places above, there are many places to eat duck that was quite well known in Surabaya like Duck Tugu Pahlawan, Bebek Papin (Market Pecindilan), Duck 75 Ngagel rejo, Duck Cak Dai Gayungan PTT, Duck Cak Sandy, black duck Sayeki Dharmahusada, Duck Sambel Kayon fireworks, Bebek Goreng HT Reef Big four, Mr. Qomar Lontar duck, duck cak yudi Cape Torawitan, duck stall green Manukan.

  In addition to the above, there are two places to eat rice duck that you must visit.


  1. Bebek Cahyo

cahyo 2 bebek cahyo website

Duck delicious, and the special is low in cholesterol. Yes duck cahyo low cholesterol. For those of you who have problems with uric acid or cholesterol, this can be a duck cahyo healthy culinary alternatives.

The location is in the delta sari housing (near the roundabout hibiscus) direction to sidoarjo. The most eating places are clean and comfortable compared to all the above mentioned places above.

Address :

Ruko Deltasari Indah AP – 10B

Waru Sidorjo, phone  : 031 – 8555 000

What is unique, you can check out their menu on the website

Click here for website

What is special in this place apart is the sauteed duck papaya leaves. Tasty and not at all bitter.


  1. Bebek Harisa

bebek harisa

 website bebek harisa

This duck is unique in the type of cooking spices. Harissa duck renowned for innovation taste. You can find various kinds of sauce and spice preparations are totally different from the existing duck.

Address :  Jalan Dokter Ir. Haji Soekarno No. 2C, Surabaya

telp : 031 8783788

Click here for websitenya


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  1. Dengan berbagai info kuliner yang ada di Surabaya,rasanya tertarik banget dolan ke Surabaya…pinginnya dicobain tuh satu persatu tempat kuliner favoritnya..,kapan yo iso mlaku-mlaku nang Suroboyo…


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